New Craft Space!

I admit it, craft stash has taken over my home. I have Really Useful Boxes full of stuff lining the walls in the back corridor; to non-crafters it must look terribly eccentric. You can barely move around our bedroom. But, in my defence, I am not alone in cluttering up the house – David also has hobbies (and refuses to let me throw out his collection on back issues of the Fortean Times.) Anyway, for Christmas I bought him a Kinect controller for his Xbox (which is like science fiction, you wave at it to control your Xbox – we are now officially living in the future!) So when he tried it out we found it didn’t have enough room in the bedroom for best operation. OK, I said, we’ll move it into the living room and move the old desktop PC into the bedroom (hardly ever use it these days) and I’ll move my craft work desk into the space where the PC was and we’ll get a new desk for your Xbox…

I nearly killed myself putting the new desk together (mostly on my own – he was in work the day it was delivered and I didn’t want to spend all weekend stepping over the flat pack box!) but afterwards had loads of fun reorganising everything in my new “Crafting nook”.

I still have stuff all over the flat but the stuff I use regularly is now is easy reach and my living room, at least, can be tidied quickly if visitors are expected!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Ghost Hunts again

Once again, ghost hunting for fun!  We went to Carew Castle in April, this time with Ghostwatch Wales.  It’s quite an interesting place, allegedly haunted by  a Barbary Ape-  which I almost picked up on, to my amazement (I kept thinking of the Planet of the Apes).  Although it was spring, it became very cold when the sun went down and I’d managed to forget my gloves;  by the end of the night I was PERISHED!  We heard some interesting tapping in one room and at one point the medium ran off, chasing someone or something that just disappeared.  At one point, four of us were left alone while the others went for a smoke.  It was very creepy – things seemed to be moving in the shadows.  We were quite glad when we heard someone returning, coughing as they did – until we realised that nobody was coming!  The cough was really clear for three of us, but one woman didn’t hear it at all.
Woodchester Mansion in December was our next outing.  This time we were well wrapped up in lots of layers – just as well because it was VERY cold.  We met up with the resto of the group – 25 of us- at a pub called the Rose & Crown in Nympsfield, which seems like a lovely place;  the pub was certainly very nice and under other circumstances would have been a good place to go for a drink, if you fancied a two-hour drive first.  Once everyone was gathered, we set off in convoy for the house.  To call the road a track would be incredibly kind.  It was potholed, rutted and seemed to go on forever – although I believe it was about two miles.  The history tour of the house was interesting, and some of the activity that has been observed was truly scary.  However, while we got some activity, it was mainly tapping, footsteps and unexplained voices.   I got some interesting photos, and got quite excited until somebody pointed out that the mysterious mist I’d captured on camera was probably my breath.  I felt someone fiddling with my hair and  my nose was tweaked a couple of times.  At the end of the evening, we did some work with a "conductivity rope" which was supposed to encourage spritual activity.  I was a bit worried because the energy was being sent widdershins.  Then the medium got us all to stand in a circle and ask the  entity to push us forward for yes and back for no.  Amazingly, it seemed to work and something pushed me firmly in the back!  The really scary bit was when I started channelling!
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Once again, I am nursing an invalid, and this time it’s the cat’s fault.

Siamese may have a reputation for causing havoc, but let me tell you that Persians have their moments. Mysti enjoys playing on the staircase. We watched her one day playing Kitten Rescue with a scrunched-up piece of paper, which she dropped from the landing through the banisters. Then she scampered downstairs, retrieved the paper (clearly playing the part of a wayward baby), fetched it back to the top of the stairs and went through the process again. Kept her quiet for AGES and David said how sweet, look at her amusing herself, the darling, and she was his Baban Bach.

She wasn’t quite so sweet when she decided that she was going to try out for Catchester United as a forward, and practiced her ball control up and down the hallway. She made a heck of a noise, and it was quite possible to believe that she was wearing football boots. I reduced a few jingle balls to shards of plastic and a liberated cat bell by treading on them outside the bathroom door, giving myself a nasty shock in the process. Why do you have to leave them THERE? I asked. Because I’d finished with them, and now I need a new one, so can you get one next time you go to Pets at Home, please? was the response.

This morning, on our way out of the door, with Daddy’s Princess watching from the top of the stairs as she usually does, and David trod on a rubber ball she’d abandoned at the bottom of the stairs. It was supposed to be a glow-in-the-dark ball but it failed singularly to live up to its reputation, and the first I knew of it was when David fell heavily against me. Daddy’s found the burglar trap I set up, and wasn’t it lucky I was there to break his fall, said Mysti, legging it for all she was worth in the direction of the bathroom. David was hopping around on one leg, having wrenched his ankle, while thanking his stars that it wasn’t his knee, and I was trying to get my breath back.

By the time we got home from work, David’s ankle was much swollen and was developing a handsome bruise. Mysti had quite forgiven him for prematurely detonating her trap and in token thereof sat on him and allowed him to brush her for the best part of an hour.

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More Catching up

auditoriumChandelier w orbPICT0491PICT0495PICT0496PICT0502We’ve been on another ghost hunt with Fright Nights, this time to Theatre, Royal, Drury Lane.  It was an impressive location and the history tour was great, but the vigil was a bit disappointing, to be honest.  Because of "Health and Safety" regulations we weren’t allowed to have the lights off so it wasn’t as good as it could have been, and the stage was out-of-bounds because they were setting up for a production of Oliver.  The stage is HUGE, you could fit all of the Grand Theatre onto it.  Substage was pretty impressive as well.  However, the medium wasn’t the best and we didn’t get much in the way of phenomena – although there was an unexplained whistle at lone point.  I’m glad we went, all the same – it was an experience.  Coming back we upgraded to First Class on the train and David felt he could get used to travelling that way!
We finally got tickets for a Most Haunted Live show.  It was in Denbigh Asylum, which is derelict and the audience were seated in one of the haunted bits.  It was FREEZING, North Wales was covered in snow (on Oct 30th!) and was a seriously long and hard drive, took us nearly 5 hours to get there.  I was afraid that we wouldn’t get in, tickets or no tickets, because they do overbook to allow for no-shows.  However, we got in, even though we were at the back, with a howling gale blowing round our feet from a door right behind us.  The atmosphere was great, Paul Ross and Karl Beattie did a very funny warm-up routine and the investgation started with a seance in the middle of the audience.  Once started, there was a huge crash of breaking glass from the front of the hall – Yvette Fielding investigated and found nothing there.  Then from right behind us there was a really loud bang and clatter – it sounded like someone kicking a filing cabinet and I honestly thought someone was going to say "Sorry, that was me!"  In fact, you could clearly hear me saying "You are JOKING!" as the team rushed over to investigate – nobody there.
We left early because of the long drive home, and we found out afterwards that the show finished early due to the power going off-there was a hint that the local yobs had got in and sabotaged the generator.  Seriously knackered the following day, and David had arranged to visit a Craft show with his sister, which normally I’d love, but was too tired to appreciate!
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Chinese Medicine

My left shoulder and upper arm have been painful for some time.  I had tendinitis in my right arm before and the left one felt pretty much the same so I did what the doctor had said and waited for it to get better.  Problem is, it got worse, to the point where it was getting difficult to sleep and by now I couldn’t get my left arm behind my back.  I needed help to get dressed.  The doctor suggested cortisone injections followed by physiotherapy, but I didn’t fancy the injection – previous doctor had told me that all the injection does is mask the condition and in the long run makes it last longer.
So – yesterday I walked into the Chinese Medicine shop in the Quadrant and asked for a consultation.  The doctor didn’t speak much English so we spoke through an interpreter.  He asked about my symptoms, felt my arm and shoulder all over, pressing here and there to find the tender spots.  He told me I was in the early stages of Frozen Shoulder due to  a problem in my neck andI would benefit from acucpuncture, acupressure and herbs.  By now I was desperate so I said "Let’s go for it!"
Ten minutes later I’m lying on a couch with about ten needles here and there between the base of my skull and my elbow.  I didn’t really feel anything more than a flick as they went in, apart from two – one at the base of the skull and one at the top pf my arm – which felt as if there were some pressure being placed on them when he twiddled them.  I was then left under a heat lamp for 20 minutes – very relaxing – and after that given a good session of acupressure.  He really gave it some welly, I have to say.
When he’d finished I could put my coat on without wincing for the first time in weeks.  I wouldn’t say I was cured – I’ve got another 14 sessions to go at a cost of £500 (thank the Lady for Health Insurance, which will pay for half of it!)  but I’ve definitely had some relief.  Last night I slept really well and I could raise myself up on my left arm this morning.
The only part of the process I’m not a fan of is the herb medicine.  It’s disgusting, which I could cope with, but the smell seems to hang around the house, which I can’t bear.- I’ve got the Goodsphere going like the clappers to get rid of the pong  Luckily it’s included in the cost of the course of treatment and I can chuck it down the drain wothout feeling guilty about the cost!
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Catch up

4_posterbookroom1bookroom5CTA_ExteriorI’m getting better at the psychic stuff!
It’s been a while since I blogged here.  David injured his knee in October and we lost Angel in February.  It’s been a rough time, frankly and I miss the cat more than I can say- he became ill very suddenly and we had to have him put to sleep to stop him suffering.  It was harrowing, frankly. 
In January, though, we did another Ghost Hunt (David on crutches) in a B&B in Hengoed.  We heard noises, taps and raps, and got some serious tabletipping going.  At one point, we were in a room with another couple calling out for something to happen.  Nothing seemed to be going on so we changed over with another group.  The host then came and asked us if we’d moved anything – it turned out that the bedding had been disturbed on one of the beds.  I’d been sitting on that bed earlier and could vouch for the fact that the duvet, which was now on the floor, had been folded on the bed then.  Spooky!  I also got the fact that a ghost cat jumps on one of the beds.
The table went like the clappers and seemed to answer questions.  It worked best if we played rock music – it liked Queen and Black Sabbath.  Kylie Minogue did nothing for it!  It rather liked me too.  I was wrecked the follwoing day, though!
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